Leica Geosystem

Leica Geosystems S.p.A. is the Italian branch of Leica Geosystems AG multinational corporation, world leader in surveying. Since 2005 Leica Geosystems S.p.A. has been part of Hexagon Group, though keeping its logo.

Leica Geosystems S.p.A. is present on the Italian territory through a vast agency and technical support center network. On the whole more than 35 highly qualified organization units, well distributed all over the national territory, provide their customers with the best support, both in the pre-and post-sale phases and in the first-rate technical assistance service.


InPlantS is a recently founded consortium of companies (Geogrà and Net Engineering) relying on their long time experience in order to offer first-rate services. The strength of the partnership is based on Geogrà’s experience in the field of 3D laser scanning and on Net Engineering’s competence in plant engineering.


Founded in 2005, the “Italian Association for Architecture, Art, and Urban Restoration” is the first Italian association among the producers of materials, equipment and technologies specifically aimed at working in the sector of restoration and of conservation of cultural heritage, both on a national and on an international level.
The association:
- promotes studies and research;
- carries out analysis of the situations and of the trends in markets;
- contributes to the drawing up and the diffusion of the international laws concerning the qualification of the associated     companies, helping them receive certifications of the quality and safety of their products and services.


API (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Mantua Province) was founded in 1989. Its purpose has always been protecting and supporting the growth and development of Mantua’s small and medium enterprises.


It relies on the opportunities virtual reality gives, providing customers with the competence of the qualified team of international professionals of Computer Grafica 3D. Rendering, stereoscopic videos, interactive applications and in Augmented Reality are carried out in the best possible way in order to create emotions, to provide museums with interactive teachware, to use industrial simulators, to present projects concerning architecture, design, landscape.


Founded in 1973, Codevintec is one of the major Italian distributors of equipment and know-how in the field of the Earth Sciences. Internationally recognized, for many years Codevintec has been equipping the most important Italian companies dealing with scientific subjects.

Studio Berlucchi

This is and engineering firm dealing with architectural and structural planning, particularly experienced in restoration and in heritage buildings up to the carrying out and management of the works.


G-maps is a software house specialized in the development of applications, products and services for mobile devices (smart phones, tablets), thanks to innovative technologies of location intelligence such as geolocalizaton, Augmented Reality, Location Based Services, technologies for visualizing maps, paths and 3D models on mobile web.


MIMOS (Italian Movement for Modeling and Simulating) aims at developing in Italy a mutual knowledge, a diffusion of information and an exchange of experiences among those who are interested in modeling software for multiple applications.


For almost twenty years this dynamic software house has been trying to find out solutions for a better management of the inspections of the plants which present a high degree of risk, both for the environment and for the people, carrying out this difficult task in a safe and workable way.


TryeCo 2.0 has inherited TryeCo snc’s five-year experience, even improving and enlarging the services already offered, among which:
- the complex procedures of solid printing for scale architectural models;
- the carrying out of sculptural copies for museum exhibitions;
- the development of multimedia applications of various kinds supporting museums and temporary exhibitions.